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VPN Up New Name


Months ago we ran into a copyright issue.

We got a mail from Apple Legal section that they have received a complaint about the name of the application. Which appeared to be a registered trademark for a company somewhere.

At that time we had to remove the application from the App Store immediately to avoid any problems with the copyrights owner and his business.

It took almost 2 weeks to change the name and update our internal libraries and get it approved by Apple Review team to roll out the new version on the App Store again. That was painful.

Now we have released a newer version that solves the same issue within some localized languages within the application itself. Where it appears on some phones with the old name and other phones as VPN Up.

We thought that you, as a user, should be informed of that change. It’s major for some developers to fight for their applications names, especially if it’s not a new one. But we imagined the situation in reverse, we will not like it to happen to any of us.

Enjoy the new name then 🙂

Our new version has already been submitted for review, so hopefully, within 2-3 days it will be rolled out in all App Stores around the world. Make sure to update to this version (v2.1) as it includes updated libraries too.


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