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Simply we do showcase your products in a stunning way! Benefit from the rich selection of ready-made codes and experience to highlight your core competences

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Deploying latest coding and best-practice experience resulting apps that is loved by our users on Google Play and App Store


Patchivic started to develop mobile games on the most reliable game engine “Unity” using latest technology

…iPhone applications development and Android applications development are some popular options these days.

There are different applications for different platforms and one application can’t work when used on the other platforms. These platforms are totally different from one another and they can run only those applications which developed with technologies compatible to them. If an application is developed for BlackBerry or Android, it can’t run on iPhone or Windows mobile. That’s why it’s important to pick the right platform for smartphone applications development.

You need to keep your targeted customers in mind when deciding to outsource your mobile application development project to some company. These will be your target audience who make it easier for you to decide whether you need to develop a cell phone business application or they are your individual customers who will use this mobile application. It would make it easier for you to determine the technology and design for that application. Timeframe and cost of development is another important aspect of mobile application development. You need to determine the cost and the right timeframe for the launch of your product. You need to do some research on the other similar products available in the market. It will definitely help you determine the right price and time of launch for your product. You need to make sure that the development would be done within the given timeframe when choosing an application development company to outsource your project. Proper scheduling is, indeed, the most important aspect when hiring an offshore company for your project.

  • Clean code is focused
  • Language should be for the problem
  • It should not be redundant
  • Reading the code should be pleasant
  • Can be easily extended by any other developer
  • It have minimal dependencies
  • Smaller is better
  • It is expressive
  • Admob
  • Airpush
  • InMobi
  • LeadBolt
  • MoPub
  • RevMob
  • Tapjoy
  • Unity Ads
  • A new paradigm
  • Business objectives
  • Classification of branded app
  • Tool-centric app
  • Game-centric app
  • Social-centric app
  • M-commerce-centric app
  • Design-centric app

Things we can do for you

Gone are the days when cell phones were used only to make and receive calls. They have, indeed, turned into mini computers these days and allow you to do almost all the stuff that you can do with a fast and robust PC. Mobile application development is becoming immensely popular for the current boom in the smartphone market, and a considerable number of web developers, around the globe, are developing apps for smartphones like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows and Nokia phones. Every day, you hear about some new smarter and better mobile applications for mobile games, web browsing, emails, videos, internet faxing and social networking.

Smartphones and, more recently, tablets are increasingly becoming the computer of choice for more and more people, leaving software developers used to PC-sized application interfaces to grapple with a whole new outlook. While many developers already have made the transition, others need to get with the program. Despite the attention paid to mobile development in the last two years, a lot of developers still lack the basics when it comes to building mobile applications, says Anthony Fabbricino, developer marketing manager for Forum Nokia. Many developers are just used to the desktop, he explains: “There, they have a lot of screen.”

  • Focus on user experience
  • Deal up front with memory & bandwidth constraints
  • Choose between native and Web development
  • Think about how to take advantage of location
  • Rely on server-side data synchronization
  • Design and code for touch interfaces
  • Don’t get too dependent on hardware performance
  • Expect users to make mistakes
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When planning your app, it’s important to think about the time and place your users are likely to use your app. Generally speaking, mobile users are an impatient crowd and if the app requires more attention than they’re willing to invest or if it’s too slow to respond to their commands – they’re likely to abandon it for another. Casual games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds can usually be operated with a single hand, do not include a time limit (for the most part) and do not require constant attention to the game. This dramatically increases the range of opportunities for the user to access these apps, even while doing something else completely. Any delay, even the tiniest one, on the user’s way to satisfying the need that caused them to run the app in the first place, may cause them to leave the app, never to return. A truly sticky and addictive app should not only have a polished and bug-free interface, but also needs to deliver the most value in the shortest time. Sure, we want the user to spend more time using our app, but the way to achieve this is by offering more value rather than “traps” that will waste the user’s time and annoy him.




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