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Currency in Egypt – العملة في مصر

Currency in Egypt – العملة في مصر

Currency in Egypt – العملة في مصر is an application that gives the user the exact and live updated exchange rates for EGP against foreign currencies.

People involved in Finance and exchange rates will find it harder to go for each bank website, or call center to check the rate on the time of call.

But with the App, it is very easy to get all info. in only one finger click, or even a screen gesture by sliding the screen to widgets area.

…Giving accurate and live update for the exchange rates in Egyptian Banks.

We equipped the App with widgets starting from version 2.0 to facilitate the use of the app more to the users. Starting from the same version we arranged to have a more speed App by applying a clean code and expert expectations to be handled in the code avoiding future crashes. This made the App more reliable and stable.

The App also provides multiple view options, starting from per currency view in main screen, to per bank.

The App also provides local prices for some metals we believe that it’s important for our customers, like Gold and Silver.

We even added Cement and Steel local prices to the App for those who are interested or building something.

Project info
Public Release
Finance, Utilities
Currency, EGP, Dollar
Project url
And still you can ask for more to add
Testing forced us to use the latest coding best practice for Swift 3 and Java
Clean Coding with Native Language
Photos and images used are created by a professional HD providers
Testing the code under several conditions
We made sure that server side can handle millions of requests with very high speed responses
Contact the developer anytime within the app.
5 Rated and globally trusted Apps.

We took nearly half the development time to test the App in different conditions, including fast and slow internet connections.

App is made with contribution from, thanks goes to Mr. Samy Saad

Our Code is completely Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. Native Coding made the App clean, reliable and more flexible with future changes.

let me summarize the use of it

The App is made to make life easier for people who are involved in finance and money exchange. Instead of going for each bank website, personal internet banking or call centers to check the exchange rate of the EGP vs 20 foreign currencies, the App is giving you that info. in only one finger click in one page. Even you can just slide the screen of your smart phone to have a quick look on your most used / interested in currency.

  • 33 Bank
  • 20 Foreign Currencies
  • Local Gold Prices
  • Local Cement Prices
  • Local Silver Prices
  • Local Steel Prices
  • View per Bank
  • View per Currency
  • Equipped with Widgets
  • In-App Calculator
  • Black Market Exchange Rates
  • Latest Economic News from trusted source
To be Released in October 2018
Skills used
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