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VPN Up – An app to love

…Nothing is better than a centralized app for all VPN connections supporting trusted protocols and easy to use.

Imagine having a huge storage box, where you save all your valuable properties and belongings. How secure you want it to be ?. This is the same concept we used for developing “VPN Up”, a centralized, secure and trusted mobile application, where you can configure and save all your VPN Connections for Home or Work Intranet access or even for the purpose of hiding your IP over the internet for safe usage.

With a simple interface and easy to use, you can configure the VPN once and deal with it from the integrated widget. The App will give you the ping speed of each connection separately and the country where your VPN is directed to. The App is also adding a value by specifying Domains for specific VPN Connections. Giving you the ability to control the traffic, not just directing it to somewhere else. With a customer experience attitude, we have minimized the Ads in this app, just like other released apps.

When it comes to the point of trusting the app, security concern is raised, actually highly raised. VPN Up is configuring only the most secured and latest protocols for safety reasons and even security restrictions on iOS. Only IPSec and IKEv2 are the configurable protocols on the app. What about single VPN with multiple credentials? Simply, created once and clone it with a finger tap. Check it in the widget then give us a minute or two to review the app on the App Store and let us know how to improve it more.

With more details about the App, visit our portfolio page for VPN Up on this link.

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