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Imagine having one storage for all your files and important data, one that is secure and trusted, how often will you use it ?

Yes, this is the idea behind our App VPN Up. We would, simply, like to see the app used most often, so we have made a centralized app for all VPN Connections.

With a very simple interface, that can change its colors with a phone shake, you can configure all your VPN connections working on any of the most trusted protocols “IKEv2 and IPSec”.

…Nothing is better than a centralized app for all VPN connections supporting trusted protocols and easy to use.
As of 4th of June, the app has become now property for

And access it within the embedded widget with a single fingertip. The configured connection will show you the ping speed test and the country you are trying to connect to. The option of adding a clone to an existing connection is available once you configured your first connection. Away from having confusion about the code, in swift 4, we have made an acknowledgment for all integrated PODs. And with a single finger tap, you can just tell us what we can do more to enhance the App.

With IPSec protocol enabled in the application, you can feel safe to use the app connecting to your intranet.

The IKEv2 is the new version of the old IKEv1, commonly used for VPN and hiding IPs mobile applications.

Time has come to enhance our user experience, with the same way we did in all our apps, by reducing the ads to its minimum. A single splash ad on application launch and a banner inside.

Project info
Public Release
Utilities, Lifestyle
VPN, Security, Hide IP
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And still you can ask for more to add
Testing forced us to use the latest coding best practice for Swift 3 and Java
Clean Coding with Native Language
Photos and images used are created by a professional HD providers
Testing the code under several conditions
We made sure that server side can handle millions of requests with very high speed responses
Contact the developer anytime within the app.
5 Rated and globally trusted Apps.

We took nearly half the development time to test the App in different conditions, including fast and slow internet connections.

The app is made with no contribution, but we have used some ready code “PODs” available on github.

Our Code is completely Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. Native Coding made the App clean, reliable and more flexible with future changes.

let me summarize the use of it

Whether you need to connect to a VPN server or your home or work intranet, you can simply configure all of them on one application that is using the most trusted protocols for VPN connections. Widget integrated that is compatible with latest iOS 11 makes it much easier to connect to your desired VPN connection without waiting for the application to launch.

We value your opinion about our applications, take a minute or two to review the application on the App Store, let us know how to enhance it more for you.

  • Very simple Interface
  • Multiple Colors
  • Supports IPSec protocol
  • Supports IKEv2 protocol
  • Choose the domains you want to direct to VPN
  • Integrated Widget
  • Viewing the ping speed before connecting
Support Discontinued
Skills used
Now you can
download our App
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