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MAC Vendors – Our Newest App

…Working with MAC addresses has never been that easy. With just a click, you get all the manufacture data related to that MAC.

With a little few Apps on the App Store, we found that this is a great time to introduce an App like this one. MAC Vendors, with no relation to MAC products by Apple, is a very simple mobile application that converts the MAC Address of any product to its manufacture details. It identifies the MAC Address manufacture company and links it to the IEEE Standards Library, giving the user all details about this MAC, as the MAC Prefix, Start HEX, End HEX, Number of Devices in this MAC Prefix and locate the manufacture location on Map.

With the location of Map feature, you can locate the vendor registered address on Google Maps or Apple Maps, preferring Google Maps over Apple Maps. Simply what is required is to write down the MAC Address without any separators, or with the easiest solution, scan it with our embedded Barcode reader, just tap on the camera icon. MAC Vendors is coming with another interesting feature, that keeps you safe on public WiFis or Hotspots, is that you can, with a tap, scan the network and find out many details about it.

With the Scan Network feature, the orange WiFi icon on the top right, you can have all details about the connected devices to your network, starting with IP Address, MAC Address, Manufacturer Name and Device Name. This feature is very effective keeping threats away, simply scan any suspicious network, WiFi or Hotspot once you log in and make sure you are safe and no one is using your own network with informing you. App version 1.0 has been reviewed by Apple Review Team and is now available on App Store.

With more details about the App, visit our portfolio page for MAC Vendors on this link.

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